Mo’ money, mo’ problems

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The phrase made popular by the famous Notorious B.I.G., who said “the more money we come across, the more problems we see” pretty much only applied to him. It’s actually quite the opposite when it comes to the end of the year and your dental insurance benefits. Each year your dental insurance allots a maximum [...]

Overcoming the fear of dentists

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Let’s face it: We would all rather be on a beach or in the comfort of our own home rather than sitting in the dental chair. Most dental treatments require shots of an anesthetic (Lidocaine) to numb the tissues and teeth, and many people are afraid of needles. Even though anesthetic helps prevent unnecessary pain [...]

Is your dentist gay friendly?

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Happy Pride Month! What is Pride Month? Pride Month is the entire month of June, when the world's LGBTQ communities come together to commemorate, recognize, and inspire those who have helped fight for and positively impacted the rights of the LGBTQ community. This is a special month for me, not only because my birthday is [...]

Doesn’t a girl normally clean my teeth? Thoughts from a male dental hygienist

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I understand that it can be a surprise to some people to see a male dental hygienist. "Are you a new dentist here?" "No, I'm a hygienist, and I’ll be taking care of you today." "Oh okay, normally a girl cleans my teeth." Over the past two years in dental hygiene school at Columbus State, [...]

Tasty and tooth-friendly soft drink alternatives

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From dental care to general health, it’s likely that no food or drink gets mentioned more as a bad decision than sugary soda. Soft drinks find themselves in the spotlight (or crosshairs) for good reason. They are absolutely loaded with sugar, and pretty much nothing else. Here are some tasty options to consider as soft [...]

Preventative cleanings are about more than cavities

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Have you ever been sitting at your desk, in the grocery store, or doing something other than thinking about getting your teeth cleaned when your phone rings? You look at your phone and you see Schumacher & Bauer. Well, it’s me, calling to remind me you about preventative cleanings. You know why I’m calling, so [...]