My mom texted me a picture today attached to an article posted on Inside Edition and said “I want these veneers!”

After I finished laughing, I replied “Oh my, they look so natural!” Of course I was being sarcastic. More laughing from both of us followed. These “teeth” ordered online were not natural looking veneers.

My mom knew I would get a kick out of a dental-related article featuring a really funny looking set of “veneers.” From my dental standpoint, I think I would call these ill-fitting dentures at best.

All joking aside, the article my mom sent was about a man who was embarrassed about his smile and didn’t think he could afford a professional solution. The man ordered what he thought was a set of natural looking veneers to make his yellow teeth (his words) look more appealing.

The article said he paid $60 for what was advertised as “the perfect smile at the best price.” Just look at the picture, and you can put together the rest of the story. What arrived in the mail was what looked like the plastic Billy Bob teeth sold at joke stores that people wear to scare kids and relatives!

After the laughs I felt grateful to have my own set of very well-crafted, perfectly-fitting, natural looking veneers on my front teeth. My veneers look nothing like the picture of the guy who ordered his teeth online. No judgment on my part towards the gentlemen as I’m a bargain hunter myself, but if something sounds too good to be true – it is!

Your smile is something everyone sees, and it is so important to how people perceive you (that’s a whole other story in itself).

Drs. Schumacher and Bauer are highly skilled at creating custom porcelain fronts for your teeth called veneers. Natural looking veneers can cover chipped, small, malformed teeth to create a beautiful natural smile. In addition to the craftsmanship of our dentists we have our own in-house lab. Dr. Bauer and Dr. Schumacher work hand in hand with the team at Crown & Bridge Laboratory to match and shade veneers perfectly. Not every dental office has that ability!

My veneers are nine years old, and I haven’t had any problems with loosening, chipping, etc. I still eat apples and use my front teeth just like I used my front teeth before I got my veneers. Of course, being a dental hygienist I wanted my veneers to be paper-white. (Yes! I wanted Chiclets!) Thankfully Dr. Schumacher talked me into a more natural shade so people wouldn’t see my teeth coming down the hall before I do!

If you have questions about natural looking veneers for your teeth, we’re happy to help. Contact our front desk to learn more—and don’t even consider ordering “veneers” online!

Source: Inside Edition, “Man Orders $60 ‘Perfect Smile’ Veneers Online and Gets Something Hilarious Instead,” January 16, 2018

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Author: Heather VanVorhis

Heather VanVorhis has been a practicing dental hygienist for over 15 years. She completed her education at CSCC in 2002. In her spare time Heather likes to spend time with family, bake, and occasionally run — just to burn off all the baked goods!