While regular dental checkups may not be an exciting task to add to your to-do list, those biannual trips to the dental chair are about more than just avoiding cavities and keeping your smile pearly white. Regular dental checkups offer a whole range of health benefits for your overall well-being and even your wallet.


Regular dental checkups are key to early detection – and prevention

Getting your teeth cleaned and oral health checked up on every six months is a great way to detect any issues early. Early detection of cavities can mean the difference between getting a simple filling rather than relying on a more complicated procedure.

Plus, regular dental cleanings help prevent the buildup of plaque and tartar, which means helping you prevent issues like gum disease.


Dental checkups are about more than just cleanings

As we’ve mentioned before, your oral health is an indicator of your overall health. Regular cleanings and dental checkups help identify any early issues before they become big problems. Your mouth is a gateway to the health of your entire body, and identifying any systemic issues early can be a key to making necessary changes to help prevent long-term issues.


Regular dental cleanings help your confidence

A healthy smile is about more than just vanity, it’s about confidence. Getting regular biannual dental cleanings helps keep your smile happy and healthy.


If you’re overdue for a dental checkup, we’d be happy to get you in our cleaning calendar. And absolutely no judgements from us if it’s been a bit too long since your last checkup. We’re happy to help you get back on schedule, so contact us today to schedule your next dental checkup.