Diabetes can cause a number of different problems in people of all ages, and if you have diabetes you’re at greater risk for some oral health problems. The most common issues that diabetics may have with their teeth are the following:

Gum disease The connection between gum disease and diabetes can go both ways. Lowered resistance and a longer healing process cause gum disease to be more prevalent and more serious among those who have diabetes. But treating gum disease in people with diabetes tends to help improve blood sugar control.

Fungal infections People with diabetes may be more prone to fungal infections since diabetes compromises the immune system. Be sure to visit the Schumacher Bauer team if you think you may have a fungal infection.

Delayed healing and infection Be sure if you’re having surgery to keep your blood glucose levels under control before, during as well as after surgery.

For more information on how diabetes can affect your teeth, visit mouthhealthy.org: http://www.mouthhealthy.org/en/az-topics/d/diabetes

And if you have any questions about how you can maintain fantastic oral health while keeping your diabetes under control, please ask a member of the Schumacher & Bauer team.

Source: MouthHealthy.org, “Diabetes and Teeth