We’ve talked before about how your mouth and your oral health are closely linked to your overall health and wellbeing. While it’s interesting to learn about how our bodies and their organs work closely together as a team, sometimes the obvious answer to health concerns is what we’re putting into our bodies. As the saying goes, we are what we eat, so it’s good to consider which foods that are bad for your teeth as you choose your meals and snacks.


How can you tell which foods that are bad for your teeth?

Sometimes it’s obvious which foods are more likely to cause oral health concerns than others, like sticky foods that are likely to lead to plaque and decay. Other times it can be a little trickier. Like many things related to our health, a little research can go a long way. Here are six foods that are bad for your teeth with some alternatives to consider to start you on your healthier habits path.


1. Sour candies

While sticky things like candy are often bad for your teeth, sour candies contain different types of acids that can be even worse than your typical sticky candy. An alternative like a bit of chocolate can help satisfy the sweet craving and then be easily washed away.


2. Sodas and other carbonated drinks

Carbonated sodas enable plaque to produce more acids, which leads to more tooth decay. Darker sodas can even stain your teeth. Consider some alternatives to soft drinks, like fruit-infused water, to steer clear from drinks that are bad for your teeth.


3. Alcohol

While drinking alcohol can be fine in moderation, alcohol consumption can lead to dry mouths that lack saliva. Since saliva prevents food from sticking to your teeth, a dry mouth can lead to more tooth decay. Consider swapping your happy hour drink with some of these alternatives to alcohol that are growing in popularity.


4. Ice

It makes sense to think that chewing ice would be a good treat for your teeth since we all know that water is fantastic for our health. But chewing on hard substances like ice can leave your teeth vulnerable and damage enamel. Stick with drinking water and enjoy some sugar-free gum if you need something to chew throughout the day.


5. Potato chips

Since potato chips are filled with starch, and starch often gets trapped in our teeth, they’re one of the leading foods that are bad for our teeth. Some alternatives that still give you the salty crunch you’re craving without all the starch are baked veggie chips, like zucchini, kale or plenty more healthy options.


6. Dried fruits

Dried fruit seems like a healthy snacking option, but many dried fruits are sticky and tend to stay on our teeth longer. Fresh fruit is a much better option for our health, but if you do snack on dried fruits, be sure to rinse with water after you eat and brush and floss carefully.


If you have questions about which foods that are bad for your teeth, feel free to ask our team the next time you’re in for a dental cleaning. We’re always happy to chat about making healthy choices! Contact the Schumacher & Bauer team today to schedule your next appointment.