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Healthy foods=Fantastic Smiles

Posted on April 30th, by Schumacher Bauer in Oral Health Tips. 4 comments

Healthy foods=Fantastic Smiles

It’s no secret to our patients that oral health is an important part of an overal health and wellness plan. We can help you keep your mouth and smile in great condition, but there’s plenty you can do at home to help you and your family’s smiles maintain their health.

A healthy diet at home can help prevent oral health issues as well as keep our patients healthy overall. What you eat (and how often you eat) can help prevent cavities as well maintain great oral health. Your mouth can change as soon as you start eating specific foods, both in the direction of good and bad. The bacteria in your mouth convert sugars from foods that you eat to acids, which can attack the enamel on your teeth. The more that you eat, the more that you may be exposing yourself to the possibility of decay.

What foods help maintain great oral health?

The best foods for your mouth include nuts, milk, chicken and other foods that provide calcium and phosphorous to help protect your teeth. These foods can help rebuild your teeth naturally after tooth enamel has been removed by acids. Firm, crunchy fruits and vegetables can also help promote your oral health. High water content in these foods dilutes the effects of sugars while stimulating the flow of saliva, which helps protect teeth from decay. And of course, drink plenty of water every day.

What foods should be avoided?

Food choices like candy, cookies, cakes and others that contain high amounts of sugar or can stick to teeth are not good choices to promote great oral health. Foods that stick to the teeth or contain a large amount of sugar offer fuel for bacteria. Drinks that contain sugar, like soft drinks or coffee with sugar, are also poor choices for your mouth’s health.

If you’d like to learn more how to plan you and your family’s diet to promote the best health, we’re happy to discuss during your next appointment. We’re happy you chose us to be a part of your health and wellness plan, and we’re always glad to answer any questions you may have. Contact us today to learn more about keeping your smile at its finest.

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