Have you ever been sitting at your desk, in the grocery store, or doing something other than thinking about getting your teeth cleaned when your phone rings? You look at your phone and you see Schumacher & Bauer. Well, it’s me, calling to remind me you about preventative cleanings. You know why I’m calling, so let’s talk about it…

It’s not a new revelation that seeing your dentist at least every six months for a preventative cleaning is important for the maintenance of healthy teeth and gums. But some people might wonder why getting your teeth cleaned every six months is necessary, especially if you brush and floss every day.

Checking your teeth for tooth decay is just one part of a thorough dental exam. During your preventative appointment, our dentists and hygienists will also evaluate the health of your gums and examine your mouth for any indication of oral cancer or any other health-related concerns. Our hygienist will then clean your teeth and give you tips on how to maintain good oral hygiene at home in between office visits.

Special attention is paid to plaque and tartar. This is because plaque and tartar can build up quickly if good oral hygiene is not practiced. If not removed, tartar can cause irritation to your gum tissue and can lead to irreversible bone loss around your teeth. Food, beverages, and tobacco can stain teeth as well and we make sure that is removed before you leave. Best of all…don’t you just love how your teeth and mouth feel after a professional cleaning?

If you have had periodontal disease, or are on the borderline of having it, we recommend that you have the tartar removed from your gums more frequently than every six months. In addition to those with periodontal disease, people who typically require more frequent visits are those who smoke, have been diagnosed with diabetes, have a high rate of tooth decay, and women who are pregnant.

Most dental insurance companies pay for two preventative cleanings and exams per benefit period. While you won’t need X-rays taken with every dental visit, most insurance companies pay for a set of X-rays per benefit period as well. So, why not take advantage of the benefits you already pay for?!

I am passionate about helping all of you stay on track with regular preventative cleanings and exams. And I love speaking with all of you to help locate a day and time that works for you. So the next time you see it’s me calling…let’s talk!

Tami Johnson, Hygiene Coordinator,  smiling with brown hair cut in a cute but short bob cut hairdo.

Author: Tami Johnson

Tami Johnson has been a part of the S & B Family since 2009 and has loved every minute of it! In her spare time Tami loves spending time with her two grandchildren, family and friends.