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Take Care of Your Teeth, and Your Teeth Will Take Care of You

Posted on August 7th, by Schumacher Bauer in Oral Health Tips. Comments Off on Take Care of Your Teeth, and Your Teeth Will Take Care of You

Take Care of Your Teeth, and Your Teeth Will Take Care of You

We’ve spoken before about how your teeth are a window into your body’s overall health, and we thought this infographic broke it down quite nicely explaining the connections between your oral health and overall wellness.

As listed in the infographic below, these 14 ailments are broken down by the oral health problems they can be associated with.

Possible Effects of Gum Disease:

1. Heart Disease

2. Clogged Arteries

3. Stroke

4. Tooth Loss

5. Respiratory Disease

Possible Effects of Gingivitis:

6. Sever Gum Disease

Possible Effects of Tooth Abscesses:

7. Ludwig’s Angina

8. Endocarditis

9. Brain Abscess

10. Media Stinitis

11. Osteomyelitis of the Jaw

12. Facial Cellulitis

13. Pneumonia

14. Sepsis

Teeth and Your Body's Health Infographic

Remember to keep flossing and brushing regularly so you can prevent the onset of these 14 poor-oral-hygiene-induced ailments. Your teeth and your entire body will thank you.


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