Simply smiling will improve your mood according to scientific studies. When we smile, we feel better. In fact, one smile can stimulate your brain in a positive manner equal to receiving $25,000 in cash, according to Ron Gutman. Smiling reduces stress, enhances moods, and makes people appear more competent, attractive and of course, happy.

This TEDEd video with Ron Gutman talks about the superpower of smiling. He claims that smiling helps us live a longer, happier life and talks about the studies that support his claims.

Our smiles are a very important part of our happiness and health. Be sure to keep your smile in its top condition so you can proudly share it with the world every day. Not only is a healthy mouth an important part of our overall health, having a healthy smile can change the way you view the world and you live your life. At Schumacher & Bauer, DDS, we’re proud to give the people of Columbus, Ohio a reason to smile more every day.