It’s time for trick or treating, which means sticky, sweet candy getting in the way of healthy habits. It would be nearly impossible to avoid all candy, but here are a few tips for a healthier Halloween for trick or treaters of all ages.


Avoid the hard candy and super sticky treats

Hard candies like lollipops and peppermints cause the most dental damage. Hard candies linger in your mouth longer, which makes your teeth more at risk for prolonged acid attacks. The more acid, the more likely that the candy will lead to tooth decay. Sticky, gummy treats like caramels and gummy worms linger in the mouth longer, too. Plus, they’re more likely to stick to your teeth. Avoiding hard candy and sticky treats is always a good decision. Chocolate is one of the best bets when you’re looking for a healthy treat since it doesn’t stick to your teeth like hard, sticky treats do.


Enjoy your treats with a meal

If you enjoy your trick or treating spoils along with other foods, you’ll benefit from the extra saliva that your mouth creates while eating a full meal. Extra saliva helps rinse away the leftover pieces of candy that might otherwise cling to your teeth long after you enjoy your treats, which means less likelihood of tooth decay.


Keep water handy for a healthier Halloween

Drinking plenty of water is always a good decision, but when snacking on candy, the water helps rinse away the sugar from your teeth. Keeping a refillable water bottle on hand is a great way to encourage drinking plenty of water between snacking on the sweet stuff.


More tips for a healthier Halloween

Limiting snacking between meals and choosing occasional treats like sugar-free chewing gum can help keep your Halloween healthier. And if your family ends up with far more treats than you can comfortably enjoy, there are plenty of organizations that gather extra candy to share with groups like troops deployed overseas.


If you have any questions about making better choices surrounding candy consumption or would love to know more tips for a healthier Halloween, we’re always happy to chat treats! Contact the Schumacher & Bauer team today to schedule your next appointment.