Mid-September means we’re right in the heart of traditional Oktoberfest. Store shelves are filled with Märzens and other Oktoberfest specialties, but what would your dentist have to say about enjoying a few dark beers?

We say, drink up responsibly! Beer can actually have benefits for your dental health.


Beer and its benefits for dental health

In moderation, drinking beer can actually be a benefit for you and your health. Drinking beer can polish and strengthen your teeth and can even keep your gums healthy. While you definitely shouldn’t consume too much Oktoberfest beer this month, a bit certainly won’t hurt and may even help your teeth.


So is beer good for you?

That’s a loaded question. But our dental team can say with confidence that in moderation, beer certainly can have its benefits. Drinking beer can aid with digestion, help increase good cholesterol levels and even help decrease your risk of kidney stones due to the hydration of the beer flushing out the kidneys.

Not only that, but craft beers that are made predominantly from hops and barley often contain high levels of calcium and silicon, which help not only keep your teeth healthy, but also help maintain strong bones, teeth and hair.


Drink smarter not harder

In addition to drinking your delicious beer in moderation to keep your teeth, body and bones healthy, here are a few more tips to keep in mind as you sip your suds.

  • Take breaks between your beer tastings to allow saliva to form to give your mouth a natural rinse
  • Chew on something healthy while you enjoy your brews
  • Enjoy water between your beers to stay hydrated and to keep your teeth and head clear
  • Keep your teeth clean by flossing and brushing regularly, as well as keeping your regular dental cleanings with the Schumacher & Bauer team

Want to learn more about beer and dental health? Give our dental team a call and we’d love to talk craft beer with you in the office!

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