Can you find the implant tooth? Are they all dental implants? Are none of them implants? I’ll give you three guesses!

People (you) typically have 28 teeth that are used to eat, smile, grind and talk with in your adult lifetime. Are you or someone you know missing one or more teeth? Is it hard to eat or are you self-conscious? No matter if you have none, a few or all 28 of your teeth, you put the same pressure and stress on your teeth as if you had a full set. The more teeth you lose, the more stress you put on the remaining teeth, which eventually puts them at risk. Not being able to chew properly is a big health risk. Making sure you can eat all of the right nutrients is so important for the overall health of your body. Maybe some of the above topics apply to you or someone you know.

So, what are dental implants? A dental implant is a titanium post that is placed in your bone. Fun fact: Titanium is bio compatible and is highly accepted by your body! After getting the dental implant placed, your bone attaches to the implant making it strong and sturdy, ready to go! This may sound like a big ordeal, but the process feels just like when you come in to get a crown or a filling. During the healing time, we can create a temporary tooth that looks natural so no one knows you’re in the process of getting an implant. The entire dental implant process is all done here in the same building, from implant placement to the new crown being fabricated. You never have to go somewhere else or meet someone new.

Young woman (Kristi) and her brother smiling after dental implants

Knowing more about how you can replace missing teeth in this day and age is fantastic. Technology is forever evolving, and at Schumacher & Bauer we use the latest techniques and take the time to make a plan unique for each of our patients. The dentist’s office can be a scary place, but for many, just knowing you are well cared for makes all the difference. I’ve seen many patients’ lives changed by dental implants, including someone close to my heart, my brother (featured in the picture above). It was amazing seeing how excited he got when his new teeth were put in, and I’d love to see that same excitement with more patients.

If you have any questions about dental implants, we would love to see you and give you the smile you’ve dreamed of. Call us today!

Kristi Lynch, a young woman with a heart-warming smile.
Author: Kristi Lynch

Kristi Lynch has been with Schumacher & Bauer since 2014 and always loves coming into work! In her free time she loves being outdoors with her pup.