Each month I get to choose one patient to be our patient of the month. What that entails is choosing someone who has contributed something to our practice. A lot of the time, it’s a patient who has been coming to our office for a long time and has made relationships with us, as well as brought their family to our office.

Another way we choose the patient of the month is by someone who has referred a lot of people to come to our office. Word of mouth is one of the best ways that people can hear about our office from someone they trust.

Heidi delivering the patient of the month candy bouquet

After I decide who our patient of the month is going to be, I do a little secretive detective work. This secret detective work includes finding out where the patient works, calling their office and talking to someone like an assistant to help coordinate when our patient is working, then going to surprise our patient of the month.

The patient of the month gets a bouquet of Snickers, Whoppers and toothbrushes. There’s also a card that says “There’s no Snickering about it, you’re a Whopper of a patient!” The patients who receive this gift are always so surprised and so grateful. It’s awesome to be able to surprise them and see the joy on their faces.

Heidi and Jake delivering the patient of the month candy bouquet

The patients of the month are given the candy bouquets and encouraged to share the candy and toothbrushes with everyone in their office. We give them business cards to give out to coworkers so that if they are looking for dentists we can help them! And like I said before, word of mouth from someone you trust is a great recommendation.

Having worked at Schumacher and Bauer for as long as I have, it’s nice that I am able to recommend patients for this patient of the month award because I know many of these patients and know what they have done for our office.

Heidi and Jake delivering the patient of the month candy bouquet

Come in and see us, get to know us, bring your friends and who knows, maybe you’ll get a surprise visit from me in the future!

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