We’re a week away from Halloween, which means it’s almost time for CANDY!

We definitely encourage patients to enjoy some Halloween candy in moderation, and over the years we’ve shared a whole Halloween treat bag worth of tips on how to stay healthy while enjoying sweets.

But if after you’ve enjoyed your fair share you find you have a lot of candy left over, we’d be happy to collect the extras for you.

This year Schumacher & Bauer is participating in Soldiers’ Angels Treats for Troops, and we’ll be collecting candy from October 31st until November 11th. We’re hoping to collect at least 100 pounds of candy this year for the program, so we could use all the help we can get from our patients!

Once we collect all of your extra candy, we’ll ship our stash to Soldiers’ Angels, who will then deliver the collected candy to deployed troops as well as veterans. We’ll take chocolate as well as all individually wrapped candies. No homemade goodies this time, please.

So as you clean up your Halloween decorations and take stock of the giant haul of candy your children (or you! No judgement!) collected this Halloween season, feel free to gather up the goodies and then bring them our way. We’d be happy to make sure your extra candy lands in the hands of veterans and deployed troops.

And if you’re a little nervous about how much you overindulged in Halloween candy this year, fall is a great time to get in our calendar for a dental cleaning. Contact us today, and we’ll help you keep your mouth healthy no matter how much candy corn and chocolate you enjoyed this October.

Happy Halloween!

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