If you’ve been a patient of Schumacher & Bauer for the past few years, you’ve likely noticed the big fishbowl filled with neon ping-pong balls that sits next to our patient care coordinator Heidi.

Each of those neon ping-pong balls features a name, either of a new patient or a current patient who referred their friend or family member to our office.

At the end of the quarter, we pull one name from the fishbowl to choose our winner for the quarter. We’ve given away all sorts of goodies over the past few years: Ohio State football tickets, YETI prize packs and more. This quarter, we’re giving away a Nintendo Switch along with Mario Kart 8.

So how do you enter to win this fantastic prize? Simple. Just refer a new patient to us, and you’ll both get a ping-pong ball with your name on it entered into our fishbowl. And if you’re a potential patient reading this post and interested in checking out our office, contact our team today to set up your dental appointment, and you’ll be entered to win.

We appreciate our patients, and we love when they share the love of our office with their friends and family. We love this little bit of gratitude we can share for our patients and their referrals every quarter. We can’t wait to see who wins this quarter’s Nintendo Switch and Mario Kart 8 prize!

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