Dr. David G. Rummel, DDSDear Patients, I’d like to thank all of you for choosing myself, Dr. Michael Schumacher and Dr. Theodore Bauer to be a part of your lives. I’ve been fortunate to practice family dentistry for 46 years, and helping you attain and maintain oral health is truly my passion. Thank you for your confidence in our team.

Beginning April 1, 2013, I will be devoting more time to family, community, golf and other leisure pursuits. I’m not using the word “retirement,” but maybe “semi” as a prefix would be accurate.

My part of the ownership of the practice will be turned over to Dr. Bauer, who has been an Associate Dentist at Rummel & Schumacher, DDS, since September 2009. Dr. Bauer consistently demonstrates his ability as a caring, competent and genuine professional. As I transition into my new role, I encourage you to welcome Dr. Bauer to become what I have been for you-a dedicated dentist who provides excellent service and genuinely cares about your dental and overall health.

Please feel free to speak with me or with Dr. Bauer regarding any questions you may have. The new collaboration among Dr. Ted Bauer, my long-time colleague and friend Dr. Mike Schumacher, and our talented team promises to assure that your oral health needs will continue to be met with the highest quality service.


David G. Rummel, DDS