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Help the Ohio Dental Association by shopping

Posted on July 25th, by Schumacher Bauer in Our Community, Schumacher and Bauer News. Comments Off on Help the Ohio Dental Association by shopping

Help the Ohio Dental Association by shopping

The Ohio Dental Association Foundation recently partnered with Kroger Community Rewards to help shoppers provide donations to the Foundation simply by buying groceries. Dr. Bauer currently serves on the Ohio Dental Association council and will serve as chair in 2017, so we wanted to share with our patients this easy new way they can help the Ohio Dental Association Foundation.

The ODA Foundation will receive donations from Kroger when shoppers link their cards to the Foundation and then spend money at Kroger. Donations to the ODA Foundation go toward providing grants to nonprofits that offer Ohioans access to dental care or oral health education as well as to scholarships for worthy dental students.

Here’s more information from the Ohio Dental Association’s website regarding this great partnership:

The Ohio Dental Association Foundation has recently teamed up with Kroger Community Rewards to create a new way for dentists to support the foundation, without having to spend any extra money.

To create an online Kroger Plus account:

Go to krogercommunityrewards.com and click on “Enroll Now”; enter your email, create your password and enter your ZIP code to find your closest store and hit “Create Account”

Link to your Kroger Plus Card by entering your Plus Card number, alternate ID number (usually your phone number) or the last name attached to your account.  If you don’t have a Kroger card, click “Get a digital Plus Card online today”

Kroger will send a link to your email to verify your new account.  Click the link in your email from Kroger to verify your new account.

To link your account to the ODA Foundation:

On your account, click “Enroll” in Community Rewards

Search for “Ohio Dental Association Foundation” or enter 41024, check the box next to the Foundation’s name and click “Enroll”

Kroger Community Rewards does not affect the amount you pay at checkout or limit the rewards you earn personally.


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