Clenching, grinding and relief from bite guards

Many people clench and/or grind their teeth. This is very common and usually occurs more often and more intensely during times of stress. Although common, teeth grinding can sometimes cause tooth pain, jaw pain, stress fractures in teeth and excessive wear. Even if someone is not aware that they are clenching or grinding their teeth, they can still have destructive forces on their teeth that cause them to wear down and fracture.

Wearing bite guards at night, when most clenching and grinding typically occurs, protects the teeth from this damage.

TMJ or jaw joint pain

TMJ pain is commonly caused by clenching and grinding your teeth. Using a bite guard at night, when the majority of clenching and grinding occurs, not only protects the teeth from the damages that it causes but it can also help the muscles around your jaw joint to relax.

How are bite guards made?

Bite guards are customized to your teeth so you can have the best fit. Our on-site laboratory makes them to be comfortable, but also to be able to withstand the forces of your grinding. When you receive your guard, we adjust it to make sure you are biting evenly and are set up to wear it successfully every night.

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