What is botox?

Botox is an FDA approved drug made up of botulinum toxin A that temporarily blocks local nerve impulses. As you age, skin loses its elasticity and collagen breaks down. With constant muscle and skin contractions, this causes permanent creases. Botox injections reduce muscle & skin contractions that cause these creases.

Is it safe?

Botox is an FDA approved drug; it is completely safe when made and administered by a licensed professional.

Am I going to look frozen?

No! When injected correctly, botox reduces the contractions that cause the deep creases but still gives you the muscle flexibility to look natural.

Who is a good candidate?

Generally, there are two types of patients who use botox. Some patients use it for prevention, while others use botox to lessen the appearance and minimize the progression of fine lines & wrinkles as they age. It is best for people who are physically healthy, with no history of neuromuscular diseases, and who are not pregnant or nursing.

How do I get botox?

After an initial consultation to make sure your expectations are clear, we are able to perform the treatment here in the office in less than 10 minutes. Most patients set themselves up on a regimen that aligns with their dental cleanings so they can maintain their results without needing to make additional appointments.

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