Quick facts about crowns:

  • Crowns can offer support for badly broken teeth
  • They can be the solution to misshaped and misaligned teeth
  • They can look completely natural

Crowns aren’t what they used to be!

Previously, crowns were made with an underlayer of metal with porcelain fused on top to try to imitate your natural tooth color. Now they are made with no metal and are comparable to the strength of your natural teeth! This allows them to be less bulky and more pleasing to the eye.

When are crowns needed?

A dental crown is usually recommended when a tooth needs to be restored and there is not enough support for a traditional filling. Because a crown surrounds all sides of the tooth, it can offer support for teeth with hairline fractures, teeth that have been broken completely off, teeth that have been treated with root canal therapy, and teeth with large cavities or fillings.

How are crowns made?

Our crowns are made on site by the certified ceramists of Neverov Dental Design. Every crown is custom made for each person to get the perfect fit and match. Being under the same roof as our laboratory allows you to personally communicate any special requests to the skilled technicians that make and match your dental work.

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