No one wants to lose their teeth. Whether we lose our teeth because of an accident, gum disease, or genetics, we all want to be confident in our smile. Removable dentures provide a substitute for your teeth that will help you chew, speak, and smile again!

Types of Dentures

Full or Complete Dentures

A full denture is needed when all the teeth are missing on either one or both arches in the mouth. Full dentures are made with acrylic, and they give the patient the ability to chew and smile again. Some patients, after getting used to them, have said that they like their denture smile better than their natural teeth!

Partial Dentures

Partial dentures are needed when multiple teeth are missing in a row, but there are still natural teeth present. As partial dentures no longer use bulky metal clasps, our partial dentures use a nice pink acrylic to match your gums to give your smile a seamless look. Partial dentures attach to the natural teeth that are present, which allows the partial denture to be more secure and gives you better ability to chew.

Implant Denture or Overdenture

An implant denture is similar to a full denture in that it replaces a full arch of teeth. However, instead of resting on your gums for support, it attaches to an implant. One of the biggest hurdles with a full denture is that they have the potential to move around, which can force you to rely on your cheeks, tongue, or denture adhesive to keep it in place. Having implants to attach the denture will provide a far greater stability than relying on the natural gum support alone.

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