Who needs root canal therapy?

The two most common reasons a person needs a root canal are:

  • The tooth has been broken and the nerve of the tooth has been affected
  • Infection or decay has affected the nerve of the tooth

If either of these two scenarios happen, the only way to save the tooth from having long-term pain and infection is to have a root canal. Root canals replace the nerve of the tooth with a therapeutic material to make the tooth healthy again.

Do root canals hurt?

We take every precaution to make the procedure pain-free by giving you plenty of local anesthetic to numb the area and taking the time to make sure you are comfortable before beginning the procedure. If you have a toothache, root canal therapy will provide instant relief from pain in the tooth.

Is getting a root canal a big deal?

Root canal therapy is performed in the office almost every day. Once you are numb, you can’t tell the difference between a root canal and a traditional filling. There is no additional downtime required outside of your appointment time, and most patients don’t notice anything once the numbing wears off.

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