Mo’ money, mo’ problems

By |2018-08-22T13:32:34+00:00August 22nd, 2018|Our Team|

The phrase made popular by the famous Notorious B.I.G., who said “the more money we come across, the more problems we see” pretty much only applied to him. It’s actually quite the opposite when it comes to the end of the year and your dental insurance benefits. Each year your dental insurance allots a maximum [...]

Dental insurance vs. our preventative care package

By |2018-02-14T15:30:44+00:00February 14th, 2018|Our Team|

As one of the insurance coordinators at Schumacher & Bauer, I get asked all the time “Why do I even have dental insurance?” Insurance can be confusing, but we're fortunate to have a great preventative care package for patients who may not have dental insurance. I have a real love/hate relationship with dental insurance. I [...]

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