Recently Dr. Bauer visited with the children from the Olentangy Church Child Care Center to offer a presentation on the importance of brushing and caring for their teeth. He also distributed child toothbrushes and other information for the children to share with their parents about good oral health.

Thank you for the kind words about the presentation offered by Dr. Bauer!

Dear Dr. Ted:

Thanks again for another great visit! The kids learned from your presentation as well as from their friends asking questions and sharing stories with you. I liked when you shared your tools with the kids. We talk of occupations and the work they do as well as the tools they use. Now they see the dentist not only as someone who helps us with our teeth, but as someone they might become when they grow up.

Laurie Jenny, Director

Dr. Bauer at Olentangy Church Child Care Dr. Bauer at Olentangy Church Child Care